Are you a small business wanting to employ a Kickstarter?

Let's help you get the staff you need for your business to flourish.

We are an approved Kickstart Gateway. We can help you access funding, recruit, and train new employees. We offer a variety of support packages depending on your needs and all our costs are covered by the government or deducted from the grant. So you will never have to pay us a penny!

"I have been awarded a Kickstarter Grant for 4 members of staff. It means a package of around £25,000 which will allow me to relaunch the food side of the business. After what started as a catch up on the sidelines of a football pitch, it turned out to be the thing that may have saved our business from the year from hell. It has literally made my year!!! From the bottom of my heart, the biggest thanks to Aime Armstrong and Ninja HR xxx"
Stacey Cooper Brummell
Landlord, The Golden Shield (Fleckney)

Who are we?

Founded in 2019 Ninja HR was created by Aime after a 20 year corporate HR career. Fed up with win lose situations, Ninja HR help employers and employees find win win solutions.

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