Approved Kickstart Gateway

Ninja HR is amongst the first cohort working with the DWP and Job Centre as an approved Kickstart Gateway. We are on a mission to support the public sector, charities, and small businesses to get a bite of this £2 billion grant before all the big corporates gobble it up!

What does the grant provide?

  • Full funding for up to 25 hours per week (including national insurance and pension) to cover the salary for each Kickstarter placement.
  • Funding to cover set up costs and skills development/training (£1,500).
  • Direct funding from the DWP to cover Gateway costs (£300 per placement).

What kind of jobs are eligible for Kickstart funding?

  • New roles (so you can’t make someone else redundant in order to create a Kickstarter role).
  • Last for up to 6 months.
  • Both homeworking roles and on-site roles.

Employers are applying for Kickstart funding for all sorts of roles, including:

  • Trainee customer service advisor
  • Trainee sports massage therapist
  • Trainee administrator
  • Trainee waiter/bar staff
  • Trainee social media administrator
  • Trainee sales lead generator

Who can apply for the roles and will I get to choose who I get?

All of the roles will be advertised by the Job Centre to 16 – 24 years currently in receipt of Universal Credit. Because of Covid-19 and the lockdown there are many more young people receiving Universal Credit who would in other years already be employed, including recent graduates. Once your job advert has closed, the Job Centre will forward you all of the applications they feel meet the criteria. This might be 1 person or 100. You will then get to interview any individuals you think would suit your vacancy.

You are under no obligation to employ anyone if you don’t think the right person has applied. You do need to be realistic however, this is intended as an opportunity for young people to gain experience in the workplace, they will have skills and knowledge, but if you need specific/significant experience, your role probably isn’t suited to this scheme.

How many kickstarters can I employ?

If you are ready to employ 30 or more, you can apply for a grant directly from the government without the need for an Employee Rep. If you are a small employer, it is a great opportunity to get some extra help whilst providing opportunities for young people, but you need to be realistic about the time and effort it takes to support a new employee.

You will still need to manage and support them (although Ninja HR are offering an additional support package, for an additional fee, which will include training and development for the Kickstarter in the areas required by the grant funding). If you currently only employ 1 or 2 people, we would suggest that you start with 1 or 2 Kickstarters. You can always employ more a little later. If you already employ more than 10 staff, you might think about taking on 3 or 4 Kickstarters, and if you already employ 50 staff, maybe you would like to take on 5 or more!

Do I have to commit to employing a Kickstarter straight away?

It makes sense for you to be realistic about wanting to employ a Kickstarter, but you can drop out if you find that it isn’t working for you. You will not be forced to employ a Kickstarter just because you make an initial application via Ninja HR for the grant (and you will not be charged a fee if you drop out).

What will you get if you choose Ninja HR as your Kickstart Gateway?

  • End to end support, advice and guidance.
  • Ninja HR will help you create Job Descriptions and apply for the grant on your behalf.
  • Your Kickstarter will have access to a bespoke induction, helping them to transition into their work placement.
  • Ninja HR will liaise with the DWP about your grant funding, taking out the hassle of the paperwork and bureaucracy.
  • If you have any problems or questions about your work placement, you will be able to contact Ninja HR for support and guidance, including advice and support on ending the placement if it does not work out.

Optional extras:

  • If you don’t have the time, or don’t feel comfortable providing some of the skills development required by the Kickstarter Scheme, you can buy an additional support package from Ninja HR using your development grant (issued per Kickstarter on top of salary costs).
  • The additional support package will include training and development for your Kickstarter on looking for long term work, developing their CV, interview skills, and a work starter package focusing on team work, organisation and communication skills.
  • Support will be delivered in groups and individually and will include an opportunity to learn and network with other Kickstarters.
  • You will have nothing to pay (Ninja HR’s costs are covered as part of the grant and paid directly by the DWP).

Are there other Kickstart Gateways?

There are other organisations who are considering becoming Kickstart Gateways, including some Councils and trade groups. You need to consider what kind of support each offers, and whether you think they are a good fit for you and your organisation.

Here at Ninja HR, we think the Kickstart Scheme is fabulous, and there is no way we could support every small business who is interested, so if you pick us and we pick you, we will work together to make this a great opportunity for everyone: you, young people, and us, but we will also work with, support, and encourage other Kickstart Gateways!

What are you waiting for?

The deadline for Kickstart Scheme applications is undecided – currently it’s still open, but the government could close applications at any time!

Get in touch to find out more and get the forms!